Global Sales Science Institute (GSSI) Conference 2024

PraCtical informations

Important information for your travels within Montpellier between the various conference sites. The University of Montpellier is spread across multiple locations, so please double-chek the adresses.

Campus Triolet (Place Eugène Bataillon), the conference venue for all 3 days.

Faculty of Law (Rue de l’école Mage), Welcome Cocktail, Wednesday, june 5, 5pm – 7 pm.

Old Faculty of Medecine (Rue de l’école de Médecine) not the new one, thursday or friday late afternoon.

For your travels, as you do not live in Montpellier, you need to pay for the tram or buses. Tickets can be purchased from a machine on the platforms of each tram station.

All tram travel for the conference will be on line 1 (Blue tram with white birds).

All this information and more, summarised in the welcome booklet, which you can dowload here.

You will have an individual wifi connection with a personal code. You will need to complete and sign a docuent available when you collect your personal badge. Below is the document you will need to sign on site.

A whatsapp group has been set up to provide live information and updates on the conference. Don’t hesitate to join it !

The conference programm is coming soon !

Faster, Higher, Stronger and together – June 5 – 8, 2024 in Montpellier, France – Registrations are open!

The Early Bird deadline is April 30

The 2024 GSSI Conference will be co-hosted by the Montpellier School of Management (IAE),Montpellier Recherche Management (MRM) and the Louisiana State University, also in corporate with EMLyon Business School, and will be held in Montpellier, France.

Montpellier is a beautiful medieval city located in the South of France on the Mediterranean Sea.

Montpellier is easy to reach, with direct flights from Paris CDG Airport or high speed train (TGV) in only 3 hours 20 minutes, direct from Paris downtown to Montpellier downtown. From Montpellier, you can also visit easily the French Riviera (3 hours driving) or Barcelona, Spain, around 4 hours by train or car.

Montpellier is an old city with one of the oldest universities in Europe. Easy to walk or shop in the old part of the city, which dates to the Middle Ages, there are also lovely contemporary areas with shopping, art museums, and restaurants. Good public transportation is also available with 4 Tram lines.

The conference will take place at the School of Management (IAE) located in Montpellier- Triolet, accessible in 10 minutes by tram from the heart of the city. Montpellier University, a public university, is among the best French universities and regularly appears in international rankings like Shanghai.

The University of Montpellier was founded in 1289; its University of Medicine, located in the old part of Montpellier, is famous for its history and has been the setting for several French movies. We will welcome attendees at a reception there on Wednesday, June 5th.

The conference venue will be at the IAE (University School of Management) – Triolet, part of the national IAE network. This contemporary setting is also easily reached by tram from the hotels. Around 1000 students are enrolled at the campus and there are 200 more students abroad.

In addition to scientific research, the conference will address best practices in sales education, making the conference an excellent venue for sales educators looking for professional development opportunities. In an effort to highlight research opportunities and bridge the gap between academia and practice, special sessions with guest speakers will be devoted to business development, professional selling, sales management, and sales education challenges.

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